Since 1986 Seles SpA
has been establishing sales networks for Italian and international companies.

Some of our clients

Our company specializes in the development of sales on the Italian market, making sure that the client has a clear view of our method and timeframes.

Our internal staff is constantly in touch with distributors, importers and end users in almost all market sectors, thanks to our method and to the countless recruiting activities we are carrying on.

We speak Italian, English, German, French, Russian, Spanish.
Our working method involves the direct and continuous contact with potential business partners in Italy and abroad.

This is the easiest and quickest way to get to the result: by speaking with them, we come to know their products of interest and we put them in contact with you.


Each project is bespoke: it should be tailored on the needs of every single company and must take into consideration the specific targets markets. This is the only way to find clients in our customer’s trade sector.



In every project our objectives are:

  • The acquisition of a client portfolio;
  • The opening or strengthening of new markets;
  • The setting of a working method to be transferred to our client.


  • 45 Employees
  • 70 people
  • More than 13.000 Clients
  • More than 19.000 international potential business partners in our database
  • More than 200.000 Italian sales agents in our database



Our staff is formed by 70 people and we have been founded in 1986.


Our testimonials can explain how we have become one of the most important Italian companies which specialized exclusively in the creation of national and international sales networks.


Your main advantage is to be supported by an organization that, for more than thirty years, has been helping its clients in the creation of their own sales network. This not only means finding the right partners (sales agents, distributors, importers, wholesalers, resellers, end users, etc.) but also advising you on the best strategic choices to make.


fondamentale per sviluppare un nuovo progetto o ampliarsi su una nuova area. All our services are bespoke and tailored on the client’s needs, be it the development of a project or the establishment of a sales network in a specific geographical area.


An experienced consultant will give you advice during the entire recruitment process.


You can explore the Italian market without your competitors knowing.

Seles Local Business Section

For your export projects in the U.S.

Office: Miami Lakes – Florida 33016 – 8004 NW – 154th Street #342

ICE Agency
(International Trade Institute for the internationalization of Italian companies

We are authorized as Senior Counselors Junior Candidate Trainers at TEM Academy.

Veneto Region
Present qualified supplier of the Veneto Portal for innovation and technology transfer: SERVICES FOR INTERNATIONALIZATION

Lombardy Region
Company accredited by the Lombardy Region as Export Business Manager for the support of export promotion projects.

ID: 209499

ETC – Export Trading & Cooperation

Do you want to sell your products and services in Italy?

An experienced consultant will give you detailed information – with no obligation on your part – about our bespoke services and opportunities, according to each target market, to find new prospects in Italy.