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Exporting easily for SMEs and Start-ups.

Very often, start-ups and SMEs with no export experience or just some occasional sales abroad now and then, have no idea of the most interesting target markets for their products and services. Moreover, what prevents company owners and CEOs from starting an export campaign is the lack of reliable timeframes for a feedback on the reception of their products.


That is why we have developed Easy Export: a simple and clear project with reliable results in a defined timeframe.


It is a service conceived for start-ups and SMEs, whose strength points are a flexible product and offer.

The project involves well-defined steps: – a preliminary analysis to discover the most appealing market for our client’s products; – the scouting process of potential business partners – their careful short-listing, based on their interest in your products.

Through our consulting services, in four monthsour client companies will get the first evident feedbacks.

Easy Export is a clear and “fast” way to penetrate effectively the new Italian markets, thus avoiding to undertake long and often expensive recruiting processes.



To help you selling in Italy we will put you in direct touch with distribution networks or end users in your market field.

Our working method benefits from many years of experience in Italian business and distribution networks. We always begin from a preliminary analysis of the product/service, our client’s organization and their development goals in the specific geographical area of interest.

More than thirty years of recruiting have put us in contact with a large number of potential clients, sales representatives and importers in Italy: we are in a position to select the best potential prospects operating in the geographical area requested.

After checking their interest in your product/service, you will be put immediately in touch with the Italian contact, so that you can begin the business negotiation.

The professional profiles of sales representatives and distributors in our database are constantly updated. We know:

  • Their target market;
  • The products and/or services represented/offered;
  • Their target clientele;
  • Their geographical area;
  • Their interest and will to take into consideration new agencies/suppliers.

We offer bespoke consulting services. Steps in the recruiting process: PRELIMINARY ANALYSIS of our client’s needs and requests

  • SCOUTING and HEAD HUNTING: our experienced consultants will contact Italian sales representatives and potential business partners – only in the target market of our client – and find the most suitable candidates, interested in representing or buying our client’s products/services.
  • SHORTLISTING: we shortlist the most suitable professionals on the basis of their interest in our client’s offer and of the specific characteristics of the recruiting activity.
    You will not receive an ordinary list of contacts. Instead, you will have detailed profiles of salespeople/companies that stated, in written form, their interest to take into consideration your business offer.
  • DIRECT CONTACT: we will forward you the candidates’ data and you can start a trial period “on the field”.

Do you want to sell your products and services in Italy?

An experienced consultant will give you detailed information – with no obligation on your part – about our bespoke services and opportunities, according to each target market, to find new prospects in Italy.