Seles is a division of Everap, an employment agency specialized in the recruitment of personnel on a national and international level, authorized by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies (Aut. Min. Lav. n. 1318, 15/01/2007)

Seles Division of Everap provides the following services:

  • Seles TEM Temporary Export Manager (research of business partners);

  • research and recruitment of professionals (sales agents, sales executives, export area managers, sales managers, etc.) that are introduced to client companies requesting this service.

Our Service

We contact directly on the phone distributors, importers, wholesales and potential partners from all over the world, we explain them the activities of our client company, their production and needs. We transfer all the information trough a detailed and clear e mail. Once we receive an email back with your requests, we  will forward your details and put you in direct contact with our client for you to analyze together a possible business relationship.

  • Our support to foreign distributors is completely free of charge, and our bill will only be paid up by the Italian client. Also, we do not cash any fee on actual sales.


  • Seles will never disclose the foreign distributor’s identity, unless previously authorized to do so under written statement, in compliance with current rules and regulations in the matter of privacy issues.

Seles Div. di Everap S.p.A. – PI 02161880279 I.V. – Aut. Min. Lav. 1318 del 15/01/2007
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